K3OPS LIMITED introduces SQUID The Wellness Wristband

SQUID improves your lifestyle

SQUID is the first wearable device capable of detecting the wearer’s exposure to harmful radiation. The wellness wristband measures electromagnetic field exposure from wifi, gsm, 4G and all connected devices (using harmful frequencies between 300 MHz and 30 GHz), it alerts via a non-intrusive vibration telling wearers when the radiations are critical for them.
SQUID® Drive integrates intelligent autonomous sensors and actuator combine with electronic onto a single chip advanced processes to delivers real-time information about your Wellness. If your heart rate exceeds a certain level, it will vibrate a subtle warning and provides you with an in-depth analysis of well-being. It tracks your daily activities and senses the quality of your sleep to wake you up at the right moment with it's clever alarm system. SQUID displays the time like a watch, but only better.

SQUID is the first EMF detector of our range, it's also the simplest one with an onboard Electromagnetic fields analyzer, it detects the Microwaves radiation from wireless devices potentially harmful for your body.

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With the SQUID Drive, you simply take your well-being to the next level. If you want a complete revision of your lifestyle or if you just want to lose a few pounds, Then the SQUID Drive is the best tool to help you develop a healthy lifestyle. You simply wear and it does all the work in the background. it is the most easy to carry device, it uses a consistent, simple and precise interface builds into a clean, ergonomic, slick and a modern look. SQUID Drive has a personality on its own.

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About us

  • K3OPS LIMITED is registered in the UK with offices in London, Paris and ShenZhen. Our team comes from solid backgrounds in such diverse disciplines as Mathematics, IT, new technologies, marketing and design. Our domain of expertise is the intersection between health and technology. We created SQUID, one of its kind, the first wearable device that detects harmful radiation. Our main focuse is 3D printing. K3OPS LIMITED aims to transform thoughts into real products, to build beyond imagination.  




    Based on “ The Precautionary Principle”: When an activity raises threats to human health or the natural environment, precautionary measures should be taken. The fear of electromagnetic fields and the possibility that the ambient pollution can negatively influence our health was the main motivation for us to create SQUID the Wellness Wristband, with one idea in mind: to make you visualize the invisible!


    We create innovative products when it seems almost impossible. Our devices are made for a better life in a sustainable society.

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