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SQUID is the new revolutionary connected wristband. This technology jewel is the first wristband able to analyze in real time your level of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. From WIFI and 3G-4G radiations to relay antennas, your wristband will let you know your current degree of exposure to ambient radiations in a clear, precise yet simple way.

By combining your EMF exposure with your physiological constants (heart rate and body temperature) you get a complete analysis of your well-being. SQUID will inform you when you reach a critical level of exposure that could harm you or if your vital signs suddenly change.

SQUID is the epitome of lightness and technology. It is very light, pleasant to wear and doesn't require any batteries nor being charged. Endowed with the best technologies available, SQUID uses and recycles the energy derived from the ambient electromagnetic radiation field to work. So now you can relax, your SQUID bracelet can also charge your electronic devices as a power bank.

Our wristband is part of an extensive product range that uses the same efficient and ecological technology to run. Get SQUID now, and benefit from his efficient and useful functions as an answer to cope with electromagnetic pollution issues.

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Recycling Energy

SQUID converts electromagnetic radiation to energy to charge smartphones and other electronic devices.

SQUID continuously detects the electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones, WiFi, relay antennas, Bluetooth, 4G ....

SQUID derives the energy directly in the core of the electromagnetic field pollution.

SQUID converts the electromagnetic radiation energy from your surrounding to continuous current.

SQUID uses the recycled energy from the ambient electromagnetic field to run or to charge others devices.

The war of waves

Based on “The Precautionary Principle”: When an activity raises threats to human health or the natural environment, precautionary measures should be taken.
SQUID is an element of education to develop healthy habits.

Despite warnings about the dangers of electromagnetic waves, our habits deal with wireless technologies have not yet changed.

To become responsible and for a reasonable use : WiFi at home; NO WAY !

For the network operators 'Greed is good'. But today at least as far as we are all concerned 'Green is good.'

The last three decades have been littered with doomsday criers foretelling the imminent repercussions of our insatiable urge for carbon based fuel, our destruction of oxygen producing forests and our indiscriminate dumping of industrial waste into the ocean.

The 90's were awash with horror stories of holes in the ozone layer, acid rain, melting icecaps and the greenhouse effect. There was even a popular animated cartoon 'Captain Planet' where the villains were big bad polluters. While the Democrats paid lip service to environmental issues, the Republicans dismissed them and although it was bandied between them, it paled next to more immediate concerns like war, social security and the national debt. But as evidenced by the recent craziness over the sold out 'I am not a plastic bag' canvas tote designed for Whole Foods, the growing popularity of hybrid vehicles and concerns about reducing our carbon footprint (total amount of CO2 produced by an object or service) suddenly environmentalism is sexy, hip and center stage. And the image makers in Hollywood have stood up and taken notice.

Because Electromagnetic radiation is the emerging health problem of the 21st century, we created SQUID, to make you aware of the situation caused by the invisible pollution from all wireless devices. It took us over 3 years to be developed SQUID into a simple product, that combines an EMF detector, a heart rate monitor very different than any other wearable device; SQUID doesn't need to be charged! We have pushed the boundaries of technology for you through resonant energy transfer, SQUID converts the energy of the electromagnetic waves in electricity.

Electromagnetic radiation (from electronic devices like cell phones, computers, baby phones, power supplies, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G…) increase the risk of cancer. It does cause genetic damage by breaking the DNA.

SQUID tries to fill that gap and create more awareness. It is easy to use, a daily routine like watching the clock. If the LED turns from green into red, it’s an alert telling wearers that they are in an environment where the radiation has reached a harmful level.

So let’s build together a better tomorrow, with simple basic precaution such as using Ethernet cable instead of the WiFi. It is vitally to take effective action to make all the versions sources of EMF compatible with life on earth. Start today by disconnecting the WiFi at home, to protect your children.

So if for the networks operator 'Greed is good' was the phrase immortalized by Michael Douglas' in his Oscar winning turn as the unscrupulous corporate raider Gordon Gekko in 'Wall Street', the 1987 film that defined that era's 'more is more' culture of excess. But today at least as far as we are concerned 'Green is good.'

Governments seem concerned enough to take actions. In France, the Abeille Law bans Wi-Fi in daycares, restricts wireless infrastructure, bans all advertising targeting children under 14… In Canada, the Bill C-648 to protect Canadians from radiation is another example. In more than a dozen countries the use of mobile phones by children is restricted and the government advises precautions regarding their use. Measures are taken as young children absorb twice as much cell phone radiation than adults because their skull is thinner. In 2011 the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified radio frequency as “possible carcinogenic”, meaning that there may be an increased risk of brain cancer. Since when a potential harmful technology could or should have been granted to the public?

In Belgium, sale and advertising of cell phones especially designed for children under the age of 7 years old are banned, as is advertising for cell phones during children's programs on TV, radio and the internet, but our children are still not safe. It remains alarming that the cell phone industry shows no initiative to actively inform the consumers how to use their cell phones more safely. Especially when it comes to people that are highly vulnerable such as children, pregnant women and the elderly. Most of them are completely unaware and have no idea of the health risks that are involved.


Reducing cell phone radiation exposure

  • Only use your mobile when absolutely necessary and restrict the call to 6 minutes which is the time the body needs to adjust.

  • Do not use it in a confined space or while you are in a moving vehicle, including the train, bus, etc...

  • Do not carry your phone directly on your body, even on stand-by mode, and do not use it less than one meter away from another person, in order to reduce the effect of 'passive' radiation.

  • Pregnant women should be discouraged from using a mobile phone.

  • Only use the phone to call when the signal is strong and hold the phone more than 1.5cm away from your body in order to limit the impact of radiation on yourself. Best is to use a hands-free kit to increase the distance.

  • Turn the cell phone off when not in use, never put your phone under your pillow.

  • Make as many phone callls as possible using a cord phone or land-line phone.

  • Those under 15 should not use a mobile phone at all because they are still growing.


SQUID provides to families an education tools to minimize the massive exposure of electromagnetic pollution and the effects of passive radiation on younger health.

Our philosophy

We are committed to conduct business in an ethical, environmentally friendly and socially responsible way.

Our mission

To recycle energy from electromagnetic pollution and convert in continuous electricity to supply everyday's product.

Our vision

To transform thoughts into real products in order to build beyond imagination for a better life in a sustainable society.


Our domain of expertise is the intersection between health and technology with solid backgrounds
in such diverse disciplines as Mathematics, IT and physical chemistry.

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Our Products

All SQUID products recycle electricity using the Surrounding RF Energy Harvesting system as a source to operate or to charge the batteries of all kind of electronic products in everyday life


A key element of education to cope with
E-smog issues to develop healthy habits.

  • - E-ink display
  • - Specific Antenna
  • - RF/DC signals converter (MEMS)
  • - Voltage Doubler Rectifier
  • - Heart Rate Monitor
  • - Temperature sensor
SQUID Collection

An aesthetic approach unequaled in complete harmony with your requirements.

  • Leather
  • Titanium
  • Gold
  • Platinum

An ecological vision of renewable energy that aims a sustainable development.

  • Alarm clock
  • Remote control
  • Charging dock
  • keyboard / mouses
  • Electronic products at low consumption

SQUID at your service